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Ah I decided to changed the form a tiny bit after finishing the first batch.
If you commented before this update, you do not have to edit your form. (you can if you want to)
I'm keeping this open because I only work on them when I feel inspired T////T
If I haven't contacted you yet, it doesn't necessary mean that I don't like your form. It's more so that I want to work on other stuffs first.
But you know you can hide your form if it's no longer desired <3 

update#1: I've lower the price a bit cuz I realized that they are quite experimental.
I'll see how the first batch goes and I might raise them in the future, thank you!
(feel free to edit you form before I accept your order)

Hello, I've decided to try this mystery custom thing out after seeing some interest from my poll (*゚∀゚*)
It's basically a custom where you provide me with short + simple info, and I'll design a character loosely based on that. 
Be mindful that I will not provide wip nor edit it later, they're called "mystery" for a reason T v T
I can design regular kemonomimis or my collab species MasuSousu. For MaSo, marking and rarity will be random.
Thank you so much for reading, I hope I see some interesting forms <3


  • Not first come first serve, I only pick whoever inspires me.
  • You may submit multiple forms.
  • You may cancel if your form does not get picked in 7 days.
  • I will contact you via note, asking for payment before I start on your order.
  • If the finished design isn't your cup of tea, you are more than welcome to resell/trade/gift.

type A - $25

custom example by Polka-Pot custom example by Polka-Pot MS: Sketchy #14-22 [closed] by Polka-Pot
  • sketchy lineart
  • off base 
  • will provide both textural and non-textural versions

type B - $30

custom example by Polka-Pot AC: Dec 10th honeydew by Polka-Pot MS: #42 DTA [ended] by Polka-Pot
  • regular lineart
  • 90% will be on base


type: (A or B)
species: (MasuSousu, regular kemonomimi or human)
animal: (omit if species is human)
hairstyle: (maximum of 2 words i.e. fluffy, short)
traits: (maximum of 3 words i.e. cheerful, soft-spoken, confident)
outfit style: (maximum of 2 words i.e. modern, casual, cutesy, oriental)
deco: (motif or pattern i.e. star, polka-dots, floral)
Please leave your order forms in the comment section!
First of all, THANK YOU to those who submitted an entry : ♡。゚.(*♡´◡` 人´◡` ♡*)゚♡ °・
Let me feature everyone's entry before announcing the winner:
DTA: Day at the Beach by Suhime DTA entry!! by toypup DTA-Polka-Pot by Shiroiia
DTA entry: my summer diary by haniibun<da:thumb id="630253258"/> DTA - Summer Flowers by Sakura-Pumpkin for 4px by kaori2791
All of them are lovely, I enjoy seeing every single one!
Sadly I can only choose one winner T//q//T

It was a very hard decision ;////;

and the winner is:

Say Cheese! [DTA] by Clovily by Clovily
332 by koizora
Your use of camera shot is really creative, the piece also gives off a soothing summer vibe <3 
(I'll be noting you the files soon)

Thanks again for those who entered and those who left really sweet comments.
I'll hold another DTA in the future when the opportunity comes! Have a nice day!

a) 18 ms^-1  
b) 3.6 ms^-2
c) 8
7.5 m
a) c=13  
b) y=9  
c) y=2x-3
a) 115.5 cm^3  
b) BC=16 cm

Update #3

Results are out, thank you for being patient ヽ(●´∀`●)ノ

Congratulations to :iconliquoruice: for getting the highest mark !!! 

There were actually quite a few people who shares the same highest mark, but liquoruice was the first to submit their answers.
You will be able to choose from: a myo maso slot, a chibi from Naozx or a chibi from Polka-Pot 

Next, the person who receive special participation prize is :iconyukimamae: !!!

You will be receiving a chibi bust from Polka-Pot 

I will be noting you guys soon, please reply asap <3

Lastly we want to thank all people who participated in this event.
If you have suggestion on the next event, feel free to leave a comment or note us!
Have a great summer ✧*。٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و✧*。


Update #2

We have decided to extend the deadline to tomorrow, for those who needs more time! Ganbatte!
So now the event ends at 9:00 pm July 5th, 2016 PST time countdown
Thank you for those who already submitted their answer!

Update #1

There's a little more than 3 hours left, join while you can ლ(•ω •ლ)
p.s. no one's gotten 100% yet, but some was really really close!

pura by naoyusama by Polka-Pot

How to Join

We have prepared 5 math questions, the person who gets the highest mark will be the winner of this event.


▶ this event is only for owners of MasuSousu
▶ you do not have to answer all, although the more you answer the higher chance you will win
▶ if 2 people get the same highest mark, whoever submits their answers first will win
▶ winners will be announced on the following week (depending on how long it takes us to mark the submissions)
▶ please do not complain about how hard or easy the questions are, it's just a fun little event!


1 winner will choose 1 from the 3 following options
▶ a myo MaSo slot (common or uncommon traits)
▶ a chibi from Naozx of your maso oc
▶ a chibi from Polka-Pot of your maso oc

Special Prize

at the end of the event, we will draw out 1 random participant
they will receive a chibi bust drawing from Polka-Pot, of their maso oc


9:00 pm July 4th, 2016 PST time countdown timer

That's all, if you're ready to join...

Enter the link below...


Good luck!


If you have question, please comment below or note us!
Question regarding the math questions, please ask Naozx
Other question regarding the event, please ask Polka-Pot 
MasuSousu is a closed species own by Naozx and Polka-Pot 

MasuSousu Egg Hunt Event [ENDED]

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 24, 2016, 12:21 AM

glitter01 WINNERSglitter01 

1ST :iconhaphazardheart: 2ND :iconstarlipop: 3RD :iconcandydai:
Capture by Polka-Pot
These guys found all eggs too, just a little bit too late!

We are leaving all eggs up for a few days, you can still try to hunt them down if you missed it ^q^
Thanks to all participators and people who gave feedback, we will keep them in mind when we organize future events!

Sorry it took us a bit longer to place the eggs ; v ;
The event is now started!


  • There are 3 eggs on Naozx and 3 eggs on Polka-Pot's page.
  • Each egg has its own number, if you find an egg without any number it mostly likely isn't the correct egg.
  • Images are lies. Try to look between the letters for linkNew 
  • Naoyusama: folders & commentsNew 
  • Polka-Pot: look for "featured" no need to go into "all" New 

MS: Hatched by Polka-Pot

MasuSousu Egg Hunt Event

Date Saturday March 26
Time 5:00pm GMT-7

How to play

A total of 6 eggs are scattered on our (Naozx and Polka-Pot) Da profile, gallery or journal. 
Find all 6 eggs and note Polka-Pot the answer form.
(Yes the eggs are model after existing maso //winks) 


Egg 1:
Egg 2:
Egg 3:
Egg 4:
Egg 5:
Egg 6:


There will be a total of 3 winners. 
The first person who gets the answer right will pick from 3 of the available prizes. The second person will pick from what are remaining, and so on...
Prizes are inside the eggs, they will hatch on Monday, March 28.

Feel free to ask if you have question <3

MasuSousu is a closed species by Naozx and Polka-Pot
In order to participate in this event, you will need to be a Maso owner



Journal Entry: Fri Oct 9, 2015, 9:46 PM

Waah it was super fun looking through everyone's gallery, thanks for participating <3

The first 20 people that comment wanting to be on this journal will be featured below and I'll choose three deviations I like most from their gallery 。:.゚ヽ(*´∀`)ノ゚.:。

  • If you comment, you must to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger (me) and three pieces of my art on the first place.
  • The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone!

1.) Pajuxi
{C} Biscuit-Senpai by Pajuxi OT3 PATTERN SUMMER EDITION by Pajuxi {T} Naoryu by Pajuxi
2.) Tackytician
I hate you but I like you by Tackytician
3.) Avelix
<da:thumb id="549430574"/><da:thumb id="520149490"/><da:thumb id="512960348"/>
4.) Cappuchi
notice us by Cappuchi Splish splash... by Cappuchi
5.) Bishota

Halloween Florette -closed- by xXYukiko111Xx Wedding Usahane -closed- by xXYukiko111Xx Trieggle by xXYukiko111Xx
Luxlapis Icons! by Hotaruin Kiriban Prize #2: Hug Me Please! by Hotaruin Adopt Extra: The Moon Is Bright-- by Hotaruin
<da:thumb id="564984817"/><da:thumb id="555107167"/><da:thumb id="564077794"/>
Experimental Com: Shironekoi by Hisekii For our Lovely Owl by Hisekii Pixel PageDoll Commish by Hisekii
closed liyune raffle+auction (2) by yuunjia Its been a long day by yuunjia smile for the camera! by yuunjia
<da:thumb id="526118798"/><da:thumb id="562368190"/><da:thumb id="561962356"/>
Rogue Todd Button by queerdroid C: the-earth-mistress by queerdroid [ OPEN : set price ] Adopt Set 2 by queerdroid
<da:thumb id="505545193"/><da:thumb id="505558630"/><da:thumb id="562508288"/>
<da:thumb id="527483508"/><da:thumb id="563696328"/><da:thumb id="370161922"/>
Ych here raffle prize for pandapill! by ShadowsInTidepools Fox Girl Headshot for applecorpses by ShadowsInTidepools Weezle And Whizzle by ShadowsInTidepools
Espeon: Read the Prologue Here~ by Green-Eyed-Princess Sally by Green-Eyed-Princess Magical Girl Ivette by Green-Eyed-Princess

Werewolf Design by NamineLee Trying Something New: Clip Studio Paint by NamineLee Draennymphs: Lumi Magnolia by NamineLee
HAPPY SPOOKY MONTH by llemonie HisChika by llemonie Rina Kagiso by llemonie
Aoba by akitsuyu Hatsune Miku by akitsuyu Homucifer by akitsuyu

XiChuu :DTA: by Riichiro dilettante-snaps [2/2] :COM: by Riichiro :COM: leopardbutt [2/2] by Riichiro


Toyhouse !

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 24, 2014, 9:57 PM

I'd appreciate if you could credit me on toyhouse for art or design!

whispers sorry for updating old journal

Thanks the lovely :iconmasaomicchi: for inviting me (๑´ㅁ`)♥

So if you're on the site and have uploaded my design/art, feel free to credit me!


Commission Info [closed]

Mon Jul 21, 2014, 8:34 PM

Status: closed

Please note me the form, thank you ( ˘•ω•˘ )◞⁽˙³˙⁾

order type:
ref: (image refs only)
character name: (optional)
other: (anything you wanna add)

Dango cheebs

C: Hanami by Polka-Pot C: Pixie by Polka-Pot C: Motaii by Polka-Pot
$35 per character
+$5~10 for complex characters


buns by Polka-Pot
$10 per character
unable to include hat

Term of Service

☞ Please credit or link me whenever you use my drawing. Likewise, please do not claim my art as your own creation.
☞ Do not use my commissions for commercial purpose. They are for personal use only. 
☞ Do not edit or draw over my artwork, cropping and resizing are fine.
☞ There are certain characteristics that I am unable to draw, please do not feel offended if I reject your order.
☞ Payment is required before I start drawing. You may request wip (work in progress) from me as well.
☞ You are welcome to ask for a refund if I do not finish your commission within a month. Partial refund(50%~70%) if I have already started, full refund if I have not started.
☞ I respect my commissioner's privacy, you can request me to not upload your commission publicly.
Last update: Feb 27, 2015

That's it, thanks for taking time reading all these (*‘ v`*)

General Rules

  • Payment must be sent within 24 hours after confirmation
  • Cash payments are via Paypal only
  • You will receive its original file after I receive payment
  • Please credit or link me when re-posting my art on DA or on other site. I would also appreciate it if you credit me as the designer when drawing my design. 
  • I only do holds for past adoptable buyers, for a maximum of 3 days
  • Payment plan is available for amount over $100 as long as it is reasonable
  • After purchase, you own full right to the design. The copyright of my art still belongs to me, meaning that I have the right to include my art in my gallery or my portfolio with proper credit to you.
  • Please inform me when you modify or redesign my design
  • Please inform me when you resell, trade or gift away my design, with new owner's name

Auction Rules

  • Please only bid if you have the money
  • If winner cannot pay in 48 hours after auction ends, I'll pass the adopt to the previous highest bidder or put it back into auction.


  • Give them name/gender/alternative outfit/pet/accessories
  • Resell, trade or gift to other people (with my permission)


  • Make profit out of my design. Such as reselling for higher than their original price, unless come with commission arts.
  • Claim my design as your own


Last update: July 20, 2016